New Scout HQ

The current 4th Farnham (Tongham) Scout HQ is a wooden pre-war ex-Army hut.  The hut is very basic, the walls move on windy nights & the rain comes in. We love our Scout hut but we have no integral heating, and the kitchen & toilet facilities are now in poor condition. We can’t wait for the new HQ to be built.

We already have planning permission for the new hut which can be viewed on the Guildford Planning Portal (link takes you to the application). We are now raising funds to pay for the new building.

Aspirational plans are to start the build in early summer 2020 and complete by Christmas 2020. However, this is dependent on raising the required funds.

Current Fund

Fundraising Update

We have had a fantastic summer term and have raised £9,250 from donations, grants and fundraising events, bring the total fund to £105,000.

For more information, please see the post.

Details of upcoming events can be found on the Events page.

How can you help?

On top of various grant options that we are exploring and events we organise, there are some other initiatives that we are looking into which the local community can take part in to help raise funds. Information about each initiative will be posted below as and when we have confirmed details (please check back for updates, there are a number in the pipeline).

Current Initiatives

  • Co-op Local Community Fund
  • Easyfundraising – an app/website that donates as you shop
  • Guildford Community Lottery

For more info on each initiative, please see below…

Co-op Local Community Fund

Co-op members can choose a local community that Co-op will donate to. The scheme works by Co-op donating 1% of what the member spends on selected own-branded products and services to the member’s chosen fund. All money raised from shopping bag sales are also donated to the causes.

To view our cause on their site, click here.

Existing members can log into their account to choose which cause they want to support.

If you are not a member, it only costs £1 to sign up and there are additional member benefits.

For more information on membership, joining or to sign into your account, please visit the Co-op Membership site.


You can access the specific page for our cause at It costs nothing to sign up and every time you shop online, the sites you visit donate an amount to our cause. The amount varies by retailer, for instance it may be a percentage of what you spend, a one off payment for signing up to a service or set amount based on a spend threshold.

They currently have over 3,500 retailers across a broad range of sectors including popular big names such as Amazon, Currys PC World, Argos, ebay, Next, John Lewis, Boots, Sky, Virgin Media, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda….. There are also retailers covering utilities, travel, insurance, finance, home and garden, fashion, etc. etc.

Once signed up and registered for the cause you want to support (us obviously!), you need to log in via their page (or the app) find the online store you want to shop at, click the links to take you to the store and then shop as normal.

They is also a browser plugin that you can add which will remind you if you visit a site that can donate without going via their page first. It will prompt you, click OK and that’s it, your donation will be registered and you don’t even need to log into their site first!

There are also apps for iPhone, iPad and Android at the App Store and Google play.

With Christmas not far off, this is a great opportunity to do your Christmas shopping and donate to the new Scout HQ at no extra cost to you.

Guildford Community Lottery

The first weekly draw will be on 1st December with a jackpot of £25,000 (other prizes of £1,000, £250, £25 and three free tickets). Tickets will cost £1 with 50p being a donation to our Scout Group (if you nominate us!) and 10p to Guildford Philanthropy.

You can access our Community Lottery Page here.